snifffr provides a safe and secure platform online to satisfy one’s fetish for used panties. Do you love to take sniff at used panties? Would you like to buy used panties? Well you no longer need to keep it low. At snifffr, you can buy used panties to satisfy your needs in secret without sharing your identity. It is both safe and secure. snifffr is a marketplace that through its platform brings the buyer and the seller together. No disclosure of identity is needed. Of course, if you choose to disclose your full identity, it’s up to you. Some buyers like to know who the seller is. Showing your identity may assist the used panties seller in making sales.

Now if your question is who buys used women’s panties. There are people from all over the world who buy women’s panties for the sake of their pleasure. One must know that both male and females have a different scent that brings about a sexual attraction between the opposite sexes. Men who enjoy sniffing panties get an arousal of excitement when they do so. The trend originated in Japan around 20 years ago. Since then, people from all over the world enjoy sniffing women’s panties and there are people who can buy used panties for large sums of money. The buyer and seller agree of the price. It’s no different to any other market. Therefore, it also provides a market for earning money by selling women’s used panties. Men derive pleasure from not just used panties but also used stockings and used socks worn by women. It is impossible to know the exact number of people from all over the world who enjoy used women’s used panties, but there are people who want to get their hands on used women’s used panties and are in search for a proper platform to make this happen. But, if you are a panty lover, worry no more because you are at the right place. snifffr helps meet your needs.

Selling used women’s used panties on sniffr:

Do you want to make a few extra dollars? Would you like to sell used panties online? If you do, then snifffr may be just the right place for you. But in order to do that, you need an account on snifffr. For that, you need to sign up on snifffr. Signing up with snifffr is totally free. You can go through the site at your will and have a look at what women are doing. You will get an idea and the procedures and norms. By doing so, you will be aware of the various ongoings on the site. Once you are satisfied, you can get a premium membership in order for selling your panties through snifffr. This will allow you to chat with interested buyers. Once chatting with buyers, it will become easier to sell them used panties for sale.

First, you need to upload the pictures of your panties. Once a buyer is interested you can then proceed. When selling your panties to the interested buyer, you need to ship it directly to the buyer. It is recommended that you use the buyers address as the return address. This will help you to remain anonymous. If you do not wish to remain anonymous, then you may choose a real return address.

Buying used panties on snifffr:

If you are looking to buy women’s panties on snifffr, the primary requirement is for you to register and create an account with snifffr. Followed by that, one needs to include the username, date of birth and email address. This should follow with the profile details of the individual. After the account has been created and the profile is successful, you can visit snifffr online shop and start buying panties. You can buy any women’s used panties you may wish to have from our collection. But one needs to be above 18 years of age in order to sign up. snifffr does not allow minors to be on the site.

With snifffr, buying and selling used panties becomes an easy task. This provides the buyer with what hey want and the women get to earn some easy money by selling their used panties.

Used Panties

How does it work:

After the successful completion of the account, and profile, the buyer needs to browse through the wide range of panties. When choosing the panties you want to buy, the buyer gets to chat with the particular seller and arrange a deal. The seller then ships the pantiest directly to the buyer.

Benefits of using snifffr:

The most important part about buying from snifffr is that it helps keep the identity safe and needs no disclosure of one’s identity during any session. Even when the chat is active between the buyer and seller, one won’t know the identity of the other person. Thus the entire process is anonymous. Some people do choose to disclose their identity. However, this choice is entirely up to the seller or buyer.

Signing up to snifffr is completely free. You may choose to subscribe to the premium version for added benefits. There is a small monthly fee to be a premium member. One just needs to join snifffr, create an account and on successful completion of the profile, choose your option, either buying or selling used panties. For more information, one needs to take a look at the FAQs page on the snifffr website. For better understanding, the seller should visit the content titled Tips to sell used panties or the How to get started page on the website. snifffr is a trusted marketplace when it comes to buying or selling used panties.

Fake check:

snifffr has also put in use a fake check. This is done in order to ensure that the seller is not fake. This is not a must but a buyer prefers the sellers to be fake checked. A seller after passing the fake check will receive a Fake Check Badge. In order to pass the check, the used panties seller needs to post a photo of them holding an A4 sheet of paper, on which is written the words snifffr along with today’s date. Visit the fake check page for more information.

snifffr has created a platform for buying and sellling used women’s panties which may seen as a paradise for people with fetish. They can buy used panties from anywhere in the world and not just that browse through the wide range of collection. Thus, this is the ideal place for anybody with a fetish for women’s used panties.