Tips and Tricks to help you Buy Used Panties Online

Everyone who seeks to buy used panties has their preferences and expectations. We can’t pinpoint a particular rule to buying used panties, but there are generalities that you should be aware of to enhance your buying experience.

Why You Should Buy Used Panties

Those who are experienced in buying used panties know what they want and why, but if you’re just discovering your love for buying used panties you may feel confused or uncertain on how to do this. There are various reasons why you could decide to buy used panties online:

  • Fetish: This is the most common reason why people, both women, and men, buy used panties. A fetish for used panties is similar to other types of fetish like boob, hand or feet fetish. This category of people will buy used panties of any design or brand because the only requirement they have is that the panties must have been worn.
  • For some people, however, the fetish evolves and they develop specific preferences. They will maybe start to love the smell of a used panty from a particular seller, or they discover that certainly used panties turn them on more and therefore tend to only buy these.
  • Save: Perhaps you just want to buy used panties because you want to save money. Those who buy used panties online sometimes just can’t afford brand new panties. This group of buyers have unique preferences and will go for a brand that they like but is expensive when brand new.
  • Collectors: Some people who buy used panties neither wear nor smell them, they just store them. It’s the same thing as having a passion for collecting vintage watches except here we’re talking panties. Like with collectors of things like watches, most people who collect these undergarments look for specific “vintage” or rare designs.Buy Used panties

Where to Buy Used Panties

It’s not unusual that many sellers and buyers of used panties prefer selling anonymously. The trade has become so prolific today that there has been a mushrooming of online sites selling used panties.

The first step to ensuring that you have a great experience with buying used panties is to locate the best site for making your purchase. There are fraudulent sites, which is not surprising because the demand for used panties is not increasing proportionally to the availability.

So how do you know that you’re buying from a trustworthy vendor? First, look at user reviews and be clear on how the transfer of money will happen. Sites like snifffr only work as a go-between for you and the seller and will thus not be responsible for the transaction when you buy used panties. The buyer and seller need to arrange the payment between the two of them. There are many ways for transaction of money to occur. Google Wallet or Venmo are both very popular payment facilities. Be aware, PayPal does not like transferring money for the adult industry. It is best to stay away from them. Some sellers choose to upload an Amazon Wishlist to their profile. This can be considered a form of payment. Ask the sellers what method of payment works best for them. At the end of the day, the payment method needs to be mutually agreeable.

Another way to ensure you have a good experience buying used panties online is to make sure the seller is legit. This brings us back to buying from a reputable site. Reputable sites for trading used panties perform make sellers go through a test to certify them for fake check. Although this is not a definite assurance of the legitimacy of a seller, it still offers some confidence when you buy used panties on the site. It’s also good to buy from a seller who shows a face because this can give you some piece of mind that you “know the person”.

On snifffr, there is a fake check process in place. The buyer or seller need to take a photo of themselves. They should hold a piece of paper in the photo that has the following details written on. It must contain today’s date and the words SNIFFFR. The photo is then uploaded onto the snifffr website for approval. Once approved, the buyer or seller will get a badge on their profile that says ‘Fake Check Approved’. It is always best to deal with buyers and sellers who are fake check approved.

Safety on the website where you seek to buy used panties is another important consideration to make. You want to purchase from a site that you are absolutely confident will keep your identity anonymous. The site should not disclose any of your details whether the name or email without your consent. Sites that give age restrictions are also a great choice.  For example, you must be 18 or over to use the snifffr website. When signing up, snifffr asks you for your date of birth. They then double check this by making sure you tick that you are over 18. If you are younger than 18, snifffr will reject you at sign up. Snifffr does not allow minors to use their website. They take this very seriously.

How to Buy Used Panties

To buy used panties you need to have a budget and then locate an online buying site. Panties can be as cheap as $10, to as high as $5000 depending on a lot of factors. New sellers sometimes have too many expectations and will quote a high price, but also buy from them enable you to develop a seller-buyer relationship that will profit you in your future purchase. The price is often dependent on factors such as the brand, extra scents that have been added and the period of use of the panties. Of course, the more you request from the seller, the more they are going to charge you. If you want something specific done in the panties, be sure to ask the seller if they will do it. The seller will then quote the price to you.  

The shipping of used panties needs to be discussed between the buyer and seller. Often, sellers exclude shipping costs from their price. This is because sellers are unaware of where the buyer is going to be located. They do not know how much shipping will cost prior to obtaining a buyers address. Therefore, when working out the price of the used panties, discuss with the seller how much shipping is going to be and if it is included in the price. It’s common that if you become a regular buyer of one particular seller, the seller will cover the shipping costs. Many sellers will use the buyers address as both the send to address and return address. This is done to help sellers remain anonymous.

A particular seller has grabbed your attention with their intriguing title and visually delicious photo. All that is left now is for you to know if the product matches the specific details you are after and whether you can negotiate the price to suit your budget.

Buying used panties can be a lot of fun. Enjoy the process!